Public group chats

Public group chats, as their name suggest, are chats other users can find and join without an invitation. Next we will explain how to create public group chats or join those other users have created.

Create a public group chat

You can create public groups using the CreateChatActivity. This component contains input fields for the name and description of the chat:


To use the CreateChatActivity simply launch it using the following code:

startActivity(new Intent(MyCurrentActivity.this, CreateChatActivity.class));

Once you have entered the desired name and description for your chat hit the CREATE button on the ActionBar to create it.

Browse public group chats

Once you have created a public group, other users of your app can search for it and join it using the ChatSearchActivity. You can directly launch the ChatSearchActivity using the following code snippet:

startActivity(new Intent(MyCurrentActivity.this, ChatSearchActivity.class));

Once launched, the ChatSearchActivity will display all available public chats by default:


You may also display chat results corresponding to a specific search query. To do this simply enter your search term by tapping on the “search” button (represented by a magnifying glass) button on the ActionBar.


Join public group chats

To join a chat simply tap on the “join” button next to the name of the chat in the list. This will automatically open a conversation. For this to happen you must first provide a conversation Activity. If you have not done it already, refer to the Initial setup section for instructions on how achieve this:


Once you have created or joined a chat it is time to display them in a chat list. Head up to the Displaying chats section for instructions on how to do this.