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Delivered iOS SDK offers an easy integration of chat feature into your app. Here is how it works: The SDK includes customisable UI (ChatUI), database (ChatDatabase), and networking (Rooster) components. In few and very simple steps, integrate chat functionality to your app.


To get started with Delivered SDK for iOS on a new/existing project, you need:

  • Xcode 7+
  • iOS 10+

The following demonstrate how to include the Delivered SDK:


Our SDK can be integrated as a submodule to your project, here is a quick guide of installation:

  1. Submodules: Open Terminal and navigate to the root directory of the project and create a folder dedicated for submodules. The following commands create a folder called Vendor and clone our SDK components to the folder respectively:

Note: One can choose to integrate and test the UI framework before integrating the database and networking frameworks; no interdependency.

    $ mkdir Vendor

    // UI framework: ChatUI
    $ git submodule add Vendor/ChatUI

    // Database framework: ChatDatabase
    $ git submodule add Vendor/ChatDatabase

    // Networking framework: Rooster
    $ git submodule add Vendor/Rooster
  1. Xcode setup: In Xcode, navigate to Targets - Build Phases - Link Binaries With Libraries and click on the + to add libraries. Choose Add Other… and find the .xcodeproj file (e.g. ChatUI.xcodeproj in case of adding ChatUI submodule) from the Vendor subfolder (…Vendor/ChatUI/). Xcode will now show the project under Frameworks folder. Click on the + button once again in Link Binaries With Libraries and add the framework.

    Navigate to Targets/General/Embedded Binaries and add the framework (same as above). If this creates duplicates in Link Binaries With Libraries, remove the duplicate.

    These are all the steps required to integrate the database and networking frameworks to Xcode. UI framework, ChatUI, contains graphics assets. Finish up the integration by adding the assets in Xcode as follows:

  2. Include graphic assets: This step is only necessary when adding the ChatUI framework.

Right below Link Binaries With Libraries, expand Copy Bundle Resources and follow the above steps to add Graphics.xcassets from ChatUI submodule directory (/Vendor/ChatUI/Graphics.xcassets). When prompt to choose options for adding these files, choose create folder references.