Custom UI- ChatProfile

Add your component within Root with this line:

<Delivered.ChatProfile render={props => <YourCustomComponent {...props} />} />


  • display the chat profile and profile images
  • update the profile and profile images
  • leave the chat

Provided props

  • chats (array) contains all the chats the user is part of.
  • currentChat (string) ID of the current chat.
  • toggleUpdateState(property) (function) Property can be updateAvatarImg, updateCoverImg or updateChatProfile. Changes the value of the property, which can be in turn used to update the UI.
  • updateImage(e, type) (function) Type is either 'cover' or 'avatar'. e is the image file input that is being watched for changes.
  • updateChatProfile (string) indicates whether or not the profile form should be modifiable (whether or not the form inputs should be disabled).
  • updateChatProfileFunc (function) Updates the user’s profile. e is a form which contains the following profile fields: name, desc (description), lang (language) and tags.
  • chatLeave (function) leaves the chat and updates the UI.
  • contacts (array) all the user’s contacts.
  • toggleOpenState (function) allows opening/closing of the profile.
  • canWrite (boolean) indicates whether or not the user is able to update the chat profile.

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