CustomUI- SearchChats

Add your component within Root with this line:

<Delivered.SearchChats render={props => <YourCustomComponent {...props} />} />


  • search chats by keywords
  • join chat

Provided props

  • noResult (boolean) indicates whether or not there are search results.
  • searchChatsResults (object) contains the search results.
  • joinChat(chat, name, desc, lang, tags, images) (function) joins a chat. The arguments’ values can be inferred from the chat’s profile (or lack thereof).
  • lang (string) is the language in which the user wishes to search chats. The default value is ‘en’ (English).
  • handleChange(e, property) (function) updates the container’s state. Two properties can be passed to this function: ‘tags’ (aka search words the user has input) or ‘lang’ (language they choose for the search). e is the input or other node that is being watched for changes.
  • searchChats (function) searches for chats that match the tags and language and updates chats.
  • nearby (object) contains public chats in the user’s vicinity and their profiles.
  • nearbySearchRadius (number) the current search radius for nearby groups. Can be changed via changeRadius.
  • changeRadius(e) (function) onChange listener for a select that changes the value of nearbySearchRadius.

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