Custom UI- UserInvites

Add your component within Root with this line:

<Delivered.UserInvites render={props => <YourCustomComponent {...props} />} />


  • display the user’s invitations
  • accept invitations
  • reject invitations

Provided props

  • invites (array) list of all the user’s invitations.
  • joinChat(inviter, chat) (function) joins the user to the given chat.
  • users (object) contains all users and their profiles.
  • rejectInvite(chat, inviter, invitee) (function) rejects the invitation and removes it from invites. inviter and invitee are user IDs.
  • chats (array) contains all the chats the user is a part of.
  • toggleOpenState (function) changes the chatCreateOpen value to false,

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