Delivered UI- ChatList

Add the component within Root with this line:

<Delivered.ChatList render={props => <Delivered.ChatListUI {...props} />} />

The ChatList component offers an interface to do the following:

  • open a chat creation UI
  • change the active chat
  • open the community UI
  • open the logged in user’s profile

To create a new public chat, simply click on the ‘write’ icon.


This will open the CreateChat UI if you have added it to your application.


Once there are several chats, you can switch the active chat by clicking on the corresponding chat’s button.


To search for public chats, click on the ‘community’ icon. Note: you will need the Community and SeachChats components placed in your application.


To open your user profile, click on the button with a user logo. Note: you will need the UserProfile component placed in your application.


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