Get started

To get started with the Delivered SDK, place the provided config.js file in the src directory of the unzipped SDK.

Install the SDK’s dependencies and transpile the code to ES5:

$ cd sdk-react
sdk-react$ npm install
sdk-react$ npm run babel

Next, add the Delivered SDK to your application:

$ cd your-app
your-app$ npm install /absolute/path/to/sdk-react

Import the module into your application:

import Delivered from 'delivered-sdk/lib';

Place the component where you want it in your application:

<Delivered user={yourUser} lang={defaultLang} />

where yourUser is a Firebase user object and defaultLang is your preferred default language (ie. ‘en’ for English). If defaultLang is null, the default language will be English.

You have now installed the SDK into your application and can explore its features interactively.

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